We offer an extensive range of physiotherapy services to help your recovery. We have experience managing a wide variety of injuries and conditions, so regardless of whether you’ve just had a surgery, or are trying to recover from an injury, we can start you on the path to recovery.

See below for a selection of the services we provide.


Post-operative rehabilitation

Over 20 years of clinical work in both public and private hospitals has given us plenty of experience in helping recover from all types of orthopaedic surgery. We are familiar with most post-op protocols and will liaise with your surgeon as needed. It may be possible to visit you in your home if travelling to our clinic is difficult.

Preparation prior to surgery

Going into surgery strong and confident can make the recovery afterwards so much easier. We have programs to help you strengthen the relevant muscles, and we can also teach you how to use crutches or frames, as well as supply and fit these items (and other equipment).

Osteoarthritis management

We can teach you how to manage your arthritic joint(s) and improve their function. We'll discuss with you all of the valid treatment options, show you how to reduce the symptoms, and how to maximize your lifestyle, all based on the current best evidence.

Sports injury management

Our goal with sporting injuries is simple- to keep you in the game. Our physiotherapists have completed additional post-graduate training in Sports Physiotherapy and will help you to recover as quickly as possible, limiting your time away from sport, and also help you avoid re-injury.

Work-related injury management

We are an approved Worksafe provider and you will have no out of pocket expenses. In addition to fixing your work injury we will communicate with your employer and insurance company to ensure that your return to work is both safe and appropriate.

Treatment of back pain and sciatica

As well as reducing your pain it is also crucial to keep you moving. We use a combination of hands-on techniques, exercise (both stretching and strengthening, with a focus on core muscles), and education to settle your symptoms and to help you stay mobile.

Treatment of neck pain and headaches

Poor sleeping postures, poor workplace ergonomics, and sport / motor vehicle accidents are all common causes of neck pain and stiffness. Many headaches can also be attributed to neck problems as well. Like the treatment for back pain, we employ a combination of treatment options- hands on techniques, exercise, education- to help you.

Massage therapy

If your muscles are feeling tight or sore after exercise or work, remedial massage can offer fantastic relief. Our physiotherapists have a great understanding of the muscles, their function, and why they may be becoming sore in the first place. We offer relaxation massage, remedial massage, deep tissue massage and trigger point therapy.

Home visits

If you can't make it to our clinic, and you live within half an hour of Prahran, we can come to you. This can be a great option in the early weeks after orthopaedic surgery, or if family / friends aren't available to provide transport.

Workplace visits

If you'd like to find out why you're getting pain at work, or want to make sure a return to work is safe, we can perform a workplace assessment of the ergonomics and the physical demands of your job. (Please check with your employer first if they're happy to have a visitor on-site)

Gym visits

If you're having problems with your gym program, or need to visit one to regain your strength and fitness, we can perform consultations on-site. We can review your exercise technique, program composition, and overall workload to ensure your workout is both safe and effective. (Please check with your gym manager first if they're happy to allow a visitor)

Online Skype consultations

New technology is making online consultations via Skype a great option for home bound or distant customers. Whilst we miss out on the hands-on element of treatment, a lot can be achieved through live on-screen observation of movement and exercises, education and teaching of self-management principles.

Balance / falls prevention programs

Accidental falls often result in significant injury, but their incidence can be reduced by a carefully prepared balance and strengthening program.

Referral to orthopaedic specialists

If your condition is too far advanced or one that we feel we cannot help with, we will be honest and tell you so. We have established an excellent working relationship with some of the best sports physicians and orthopaedic surgeons in Melbourne and can refer you on to the most appropriate specialist if you would like us to. We can also help you get an appointment with these specialists as quickly as possible to reduce your waiting time.

Stock for sale & equipment for hire

We can arrange the hire or sale of the following items:

  • Crutches (both elbow and underarm), walking frames, wheelchairs
  • Knee and ankle braces
  • Resistance bands
  • Hot / cold packs & compression wraps
  • Heat mouldable orthotics
  • Rigid sports tape & protective undertapes
  • Foam rollers, massage balls
  • Lumbar supports
  • Fisiocrem (analgesic / anti-inflammatory cream)
  • Knee CPM machines


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